EU Competition Law
� An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases
Författare:Ezrachi Ariel
Titel:EU Competition Law � An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases
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This book is designed as a working tool for the study and practice of European competition law. It is an enlarged and updated sixth edition of the highly practical guide to the leading cases of European competition law.

This sixth edition focuses on Article 101 TFEU, Article 102 TFEU and the European Merger Regulation. In addition it explores the public and private enforcement of competition law, the intersection between intellectual property rights and competition law, the application of competition law to state action and state aid laws.

Each chapter begins with an introduction which outlines the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines for each of the topics, setting the analytical foundations for the case entries. Within this framework, cases are reviewed in summary form, accompanied by analysis and commentary.


1 The Concept of Undertaking
2 Market Definition
3 Article 101 TFEU
4 Horizontal and Vertical Agreements
5 Article 102 TFEU
6 Collective Dominance
7 Competition Law and the State
8 Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights
9 Mergers and Acquisitions
10 Enforcement-The European Commission
11 Enforcement-The National Courts
12 Extraterritoriality
13 State Aid
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