The Impact of EU Law on International Commercial Arbitration
Författare:Ferrari Franco
Titel:The Impact of EU Law on International Commercial Arbitration
Omfång:679 sid.
Förlag:Juris Publishing

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For many years, it seemed almost a truism to state that EU law and the law of international arbitration were two very distinct areas of law that did not intersect. Most believed each area pursued its own course without impacting on the other. However, a series of matters on which the international arbitral regime and the European Union part ways and, indeed, enter into serious conflict have emerged.

The chapters in The Impact of EU Law, which were initially presented at a conference hosted by the NYU Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration and Commercial Law, show that these areas of law are becoming ever more interconnected and that the impact of EU law on the law of international arbitration can be felt over the course of all stages of an international arbitration, from the pre-award stage to the post-award stage--an influence further exacerbated by the dilemma of arbitral tribunals and national courts when facing conflicting mandates from the law of international arbitration and the law of the European Union.

Furthermore, and the contributions in this volume make this abundantly clear, EU law has not only impacted international arbitrations seated in EU Member States, but has also influenced arbitrations seated around the world, a fact that makes The Impact of EU Law required reading for all practitioners, arbitrators and all other stakeholders in the arbitration process world-wide.
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