The Energy Charter Treaty
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Titel:The Energy Charter Treaty
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The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) is unique under international law, providing a multilateral framework for energy cooperation through the operation of more open and competitive energy markets, while respecting the principles of sustainable development and sovereignty over energy resources.. This is an in-depth, article-by-article commentary on all aspects of the Treaty and is essential for the large number of investors who are resorting to the protection of the ECT. It provides clear and comprehensive discussion of all provisions, analysing them against the background of other relevant writings such as case law and academic papers. It provides clear and comprehensive discussion of all provisions, analysing them against the background of other relevant materials such as case law, arbitral awards, and academic scholarship.

It also offers insightful coverage and analysis of the history and background, as well as discussion of its relationships with other treaties. As energy investors and the legal community become more aware of the Treaty, the number of disputes relating to it is rapidly increasing, and the book considers the growing volume of case law concerning the interpretation or application of the provisions of the treaty.

This is an invaluable reference tool for practitioners and investors.

- The first single-authored article-by-article commentary on the Energy Charter Treaty

- Comprehensive and detailed analysis of all provisions with a logical and easy-to-follow structure, making this an invaluable reference tool

- Coverage of history and context for the ECT and its important role in building a legal foundation for energy security since its signing into law in 1994

- Includes the full text of the ECT with annexes

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 The Energy Charter Treaty - An Overview

Chapter 3 The Energy Charter Treaty: The Background and the Negotiating History

Chapter 4 Interpreting the Energy Charter Treaty

Chapter 5 Rules of Attribution

Chapter 6 The Preamble

Chapter 7 Part I: Definitions and Purpose

Chapter 8 Part II: Commerce

Chapter 9 Part III: Investment Promotion and Protection

Chapter 10 Part IV: Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 11 Part V: Dispute Settlement

Chapter 12 Part VI: Transitional Provisions

Chapter 13 Part VII: Structure and Institutions

Chapter 14 Part VIII: Final Provisions
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