International and Comparative Competition Laws and Policies
Författare:Chao Yang-Ching , San Gee , Lo Changfa , Ho Jiming
Titel:International and Comparative Competition Laws and Policies
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Serie:International Competition Law Series nr. 3

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Preface. About the Authors. Opening Ceremony. Opening Remarks; Yang-Ching Chao. Welcome Address; Yuh-Seng Wong. Keynote Speech. A Century of Competition Policy Enforcement; F.M. Scherer.

Session I: Competition Policies/Law and National Development. 1. Recent Trends & Prospects for Brazilian Antitrust; G. Oliveira. 2. Globalization, Competition & Trade Policy: Convergence, Divergence and Cooperation; F. Jenny. 3. US Competition Policy & Law: Learning from a Century of Antitrust Enforcement; D.A. Valentine. 4. A Decade of Fair Trade Law Legislation and Its Enforcement in the Republic of China; Gee San, Changfa Lo.

Session II: The Comparative Regulations of Competition Law. 1. Regulation of Mergers & Monopolization; T. Calvani, T.A. Evans. 2. Principles of German Competition Law under the 6th Act to Amend the Act Against Restraints of Competition (ARC); K. Stockmann. 3. The Reform of EC Competition Policy; H. Schröter. 4. Competition Authorities in Competition; Yeong-Chin Su. 5. Current Trends in Korea's Competition Law/Policy; Soon-Sik Ju.

Session III: International Approach on the Regulations of Competition Law. 1. International Approaches to Competition Laws: Government Cooperation for Business Competition; K.M. Vautier. 2. International Cooperation in Competition Policy: Approaches Currently under Consideration in the WTO; R.D. Anderson. 3. OECD Programmes for International Responses to Global Competition Issues; W.T. Winslow. 4. Globalizing World Economy and Competition Law and Policy-Need for International Cooperation (Preliminary Draft Without Citations); M. Matsushita.

Session IV: Technological Development and Competition Policies/Law. 1. The Trips Agreement, Competition Policy, and Third World Welfare: The Case of Pharmaceutical Product Patents; F.M. Scherer. 2. Intellectual Property and Anti-Trust in the Electronic Age; C. Heath. 3. Japan's Broadcasting and Telecommunications: Digital Convergence, Market Structure and Competition; K. Nakamura. 4. Communications, Convergence and Competition: The Case of Taiwan; L.S. Liu, et al. 5. Level the Playing Field for Digital Network Industries; Kung-Chung Liu.

Session V: Consumer Protection, Global Commerce and Competition Law. 1. Parallel Imports and Competition-Effects of a Court Ruling; J. Holgersson. 2. Intervention of Competition Law in International Trade: The Taiwan Experience; Changfa Lo. 3. Consumer Protection in the Global Economy; A. Asher. 4. Consumer Protection of the Fair Trade Law in Taiwan; Chien-Te Fan.

Session VI: Roundtable Discussion. Introductory Speech. Integration of Markets and Industries: The Challenge for Global Competition Policy; D. Wolf. Panel I - `Is Convergence Possible: The Experience of Developing and Developed Countries'; Gee San, et al. Panel II - `Regional or Multilateral Cooperation: The Role of International Organizations for the New Millennium'; R.D. Anderson, et al. Panel III - `Challenge Confronting Competition Laws: The Borderless New Trading Order'; Kiyoshi Nakamura, et al. Closing Remarks.

Abbreviations. Table of Cases. Table of Treaties, Statutes, Codes and Laws.
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