� On and Off the Record
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Titel:Negotiation � On and Off the Record
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This book is intended to change readers’ minds about the negotiation process. It is common for negotiators to approach the process with an inappropriate number of views, which forms an incomplete paradigm. This negatively affects the behavior of parties to a negotiation and creates unnecessary problems for the negotiator. Our society relies on negotiating skills for conducting all manners of business and personal transactions, yet, it is only just beginning to learn and to teach the negotiation process.

The greatest misunderstanding about the negotiation process is that it is adversarial in nature. In actuality, it is not designed for those with a trial and debate mentality. It is a problem-solving process in which each party may look across the table and regard its counterparts as advocates. Each party attempts to “sell” a mutually agreed upon solution to its respective clients. Seeing the “other side” as a potential advocate and not as an opponent is the key to making this dramatic paradigm shift.

In the third edition, we have updated and maintained the core material of the second edition. In addition, we have also added new material:

• A discussion of critical thinking

• An expanded examination of mediation and mediation techniques

• A description of problem solving and dispute resolution procedures in addition to negotiation

• A discussion various negotiation processes including competitive negotiations in federal government procurement

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— Table of Contents —

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Negotiation

Chapter 2 Approaching the Negotiation Process

Chapter 3 The Structure of Negotiation

Chapter 4 Putting It All Together: Managing the Structure and Process of Negotiation

Chapter 5 Fundamentals of Table Behavior

Chapter 6 Persuasion

Chapter 7 Approaches to Negotiation

Chapter 8 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Chapter 9 Mediation

Chapter 10 Effective Mediation

— Appendices —

Appendix A Time Line Management

Appendix B Responsibilities and Tasks of the Negotiator

Appendix C Mediator Considerations

Appendix D The Iceberg Principle: Secrecy in Negotiation.

Appendix E Bibliography

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