Oil and Gas Sale and Purchase Agreements
� SPAs for International Oil and Gas Aquisitions and Divestitures
Författare:LaMaster John , Moran Caroline-Lucy
Titel:Oil and Gas Sale and Purchase Agreements � SPAs for International Oil and Gas Aquisitions and Divestitures
Anmärkning:Publication date: Nov 2020
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Förlag:Globe Law and Business
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Acquisitions and divestitures are common occurrences in the international oil and gas industry, ranging in size and complexity from transformational mergers between supermajors to transactions at an individual asset level. These transactions are used in order to manage both costs and risks. Although the recent oil price slump has somewhat reduced the level of transactional activity, that level is expected to increase again in the near term. Low oil prices are creating an increasing number of distressed sellers and an increasing number of opportunistic buyers, including some that have not traditionally participated in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Sale and purchase agreements relating to oil and gas assets are highly specialised, reflecting the unique nature and characteristics of the industry itself. This book, written by experienced and well-known practitioners from within the oil and gas industry, is intended to provide a practical review of the provisions typically included in such agreements.

The second edition of this title includes updated and revised chapters from the first edition, as well as new chapters on: preliminary agreements (memoranda of understanding, letters of intent); disclosure letters; private equity transactions; warranty and indemnity insurance; and material adverse changes.

This new edition aims to benefit lawyers and commercial negotiators working in the industry who handle sale and purchase transactions and who want to better understand the usual terms and conditions involved in those transactions. Legal professors and their students could also benefit from using the book as a teaching aid based on real-world experience.
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