Fintech Competition
� Law, Policy, and Market Organisation
Författare:Stylianou Konstantinos , Iacovides Marios C , Lundqvist Björn , red.
Titel:Fintech Competition � Law, Policy, and Market Organisation
Omfång:384 sid.
Serie:Swedish Studies in European Law nr. 17
Ämnesord:IT-rätt , Associationsrätt och värdepappersrätt , Krediträtt

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This open access book is the first to systematically explore competition policy in fintech markets. Drawing from the expertise of law scholars, economists, and social and natural scientists from the EU and the US, this edited collection explores the competitive dynamics, market organisation, and competition law application in fintech markets. It is the 17th volume in the Swedish Studies in European Law series.


Front matter
I. Fintech Market Structure and Organisation 1–2
1. The Boundaries of Fintech: Data-Driven Classification and Domain Delimitation 3–24
Claire Ingram Bogusz and Jonas Valbjørn Andersen
2. Entry Barriers in Fintech 25–46
Ryan Clements
3. Market Concentration in Fintech 47–82
Dean Corbae , Pablo D’Erasmo and Kuan Liu
4. Common Ownership in Fintech Markets 83–128
Anna Tzanaki , Liudmila Alekseeva and José Azar
5. The Potential Competitive Effects of CBDC on Deposits, Payments and Bank Business Models 129–144
Youming Liu , Edona Reshidi , Francisco Rivadeneyra and Andrew Usher
II. Data, Sustainability and Competition Law in Fintech 145–146
6. Data-Related Abuses: An Application to Fintech 147–186
Nicolo Zingales
7. Vertical Agreements in Fintech Markets 187–208
Lucy MR Chambers
8. Data Sharing and Interoperability: From Open Banking to the Internet of Things (IoT) 209–228
Oscar Borgogno and Giuseppe Colangelo
9. Sustainable Finance and Fintech: Market Dynamics, Innovation and Competition 229–250
Beatrice Crona and Marios C Iacovides
III. Fintech’s Institutional and Regulatory Setting 251–252
10. Regulating Fintech and BigTech: Reconciling the Objectives of Financial Regulation and Promoting Competition 253–280
Iris H-Y Chiu and Despoina Mantzari
11. Enforcing Fintech Competition: Some Reflections on Institutional Design 281–306
Jens-Uwe Franck
12. The Role of Sectoral Regulators and Other State Actors in Formulating Novel and Alternative Pro-Competition Mechanisms in Fintech 307–330
Deirdre Ahern
13. The Path from Open Banking to Open Finance 331–346
Simonetta Vezzoso
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