Stockholm Arbitration Report 2002:2
Titel:Stockholm Arbitration Report 2002:2
Anmärkning:Se även tidigare årsböcker i serien Swedish and International Arbitration.
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Förlag:Stockholms handelskammare
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Serie:Stockholm Arbitration Report nr. 2002:2

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EDITORIAL by Sigvard Jarvin, General Editor


Development of Online Dispute Resolution – The Wave of the 1 Future in Alternative Dispute Resolution by Robert Bennet Lubic

Treteiski Sud (Commercial Arbitration Court) in Kazakhstan: 25 Problems of Legal Regulation and Threats to Arbitration as a Means to Settle Commercial Disputes by Maidan K. Suleimenov

Arbitration in Kazakhstan by Peter Greshnikov and Igor Greshnikov


First Interim Award rendered in 2000 in SCC cases 80/1998 and 45 81/1998
1. Applicable choice-of-law rules to determine the governing law in a sale of goods contract.
2. Applicable law to the arbitration agreement.
Observations by David Goldberg

Final Arbitral Award rendered in 2001 in SCC case 45/2000 65
1. Invalidity of a contract under the Swedish doctrine of assumptions (förutsättningsläran).
2. Liability for damages following the invalidity of a contract by virtue of the doctrine of assumptions.
Observations by Gustaf Möller and Jan Ramberg

Award on Jurisdiction rendered in 2001 in SCC case 133/2000 99
Ambiguous arbitration clause.
Observations by Alexey Kostin

Final Arbitral Award rendered in 2001 in SCC case 45/2001 111
1. Ex parte award.
2. Jurisdiction of the arbitrator over the end user where the contract had been signed by the end user’s agent. Applicable law to decide this issue.
3. Foreign trade agency relationship in Chinese law. The Chinese Foreign Trade Agency System Tentative Provisions (the "Tentative Provisions") of 29 August 1991.
Observations by Xing Xiusong and He Xiaoli


Judgment of the House of Lords, United Kingdom rendered in 2000 127 in case [2002] 1 W.L.R. 1621
Multi-party arbitration. Whether a contractor can rely on tripartite arbitration arrangements to avoid or delay arbitration with a sub-contractor.
I.C.E 5th Edition (June 1973) Standard form of Contract for Civil Engineering Works and the F.C.E.C. Standard Form of Sub-Contract (September 1984 Edition) (the "Blue Form").
Observations by Stewart Shackleton

Judgment of the Court of Appeal (Civil division) of England 145 rendered in 2001 in case 1832
When is an expert’s departure from instructions deemed to be material?
Observations by Doak Bishop and Richard Deutsch

Decision by the Svea Court of Appeal rendered in 2001 in case Ö 161 4645-99
1. Recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitral award; law applicable to the legal form of the arbitration agreement.
2. Enforcement of a declaratory judgment regarding the costs of the arbitration.
Observations by Lars Edlund

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