Stockholm Arbitration Report 2001:2
Titel:Stockholm Arbitration Report 2001:2
Anmärkning:Se även tidigare årsböcker i serien Swedish and International Arbitration.
Omfång:136 sid.
Förlag:Stockholms handelskammare
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk
Serie:Stockholm Arbitration Report nr. 2001:2

Pris: 790 SEK exkl. moms



EDITORIAL by Sigvard Jarvin


The Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards Under the New York Convention, Recent Developments by Carolyn B. Lamm and Frank Spoorenberg

Discovery in International Arbitration – the Swedish Approach by Stefan Brocker

Arbitral Proceedings and the Enforcement of the Award: Particularly in Relation to Austrian Law and the Rules of Arbitration of the SCC, the ICC and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber by Christian Aschauer

The Practice of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - an Inside View by Annette Magnusson


France and Sweden
Judgment of the Svea Court of Appeals in 1998 in case 925-98-80: the Noga case; observations by Patrik Schöldström

Judgment of the Supreme Court of Sweden rendered in 2000 in case T 5119-99: the 3S case; observations by Tao Jingzhou, Anne-Laure Vincent and Michael Polkinghorne

Judgment of the Svea Court of Appeals rendered in 2000 in case T 6902-99: the Kazchrom case; observations by Aigoul Kenjebayeva
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