The Italian Civil Code
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Titel:The Italian Civil Code
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Table of Contents:
Provisions on the Law in General
Chapter I. Sources of Law (Articles 1-9)
Chapter II. Application of the Law in General (Articles 10-16)

Civil Code. Book One. Persons and the Family
Title One. Natural Persons (Articles 1-10)
Title Two. Legal Persons (Articles 11-42)
Title Three. Domicile and Residence (Articles 43-47)
Title Four. Absence and Declaration of Presumed Death (Articles 48-73)
Title Five. Consanguinity and Affinity (Articles 74-78)
Title Six. Marriage (Articles 79-230 bis)
Title Seven. Filiation (Articles 231-290)
Title Eight. Adoption of Persons of Age (Articles 291-314)
Title Nine. Parental Authority (Articles 315-337)
Title Nine bis. Orders of protection against family abuses (342 bis-342 ter)
Title Ten. Guardianship and Emancipation (Articles 343-397)
Title Eleven. Affiliation and Custody (Articles 400-403)
Title Twelve. Mental Infirmity, Interdiction and Disability (Articles 414-432)
Title Thirteen. Support (Articles 433-448)
Title Fourteen. Vital Statistics Records (Articles 449-455)

Civil Code. Book Two. Succession
Title One. General Provisions on Succession (Articles 456-564)
Title Two. Intestate Succession (Articles 565-586)
Title Three. Testamentary Succession (Articles 587-712)
Title Four. Partition (Articles 713-768)
Title Five. Gifts (Articles 769-809)

Civil Code. Book Three. Property Rights
Title One. Property (Articles 810-831)
Title Two. Ownership (Articles 832-95i)
Title Three. Superficie (Articles 952-956)
Title Four. Emphyteusis (Articles 957-977)
Title Five. Usufruct, Use and Habitation (Articles 978-10261
Title Six. Predial Servitudes (Articles 1027-1099)
Title Seven. Common Ownership (Articles 1100-1139)
Title Eight. Possession (Articles 1140-1170)
Title Nine. Denunciation of New Work and Feared Damage (Articles 1171-1172)

Civil Code. Book Four. Obligations
Title One. Obligations in General (Articles 1173-1320)
Title Two. Contracts in General (Articles 1321-1469sexies)
Title Three. Specific Contracts (Articles 1470-1986)
Title Four. Unilateral Promises (Articles 1987-1991)
Title Five. Negotiable Instruments (Articles 1992-2027)
Title Six. Management of Affairs of Another (Articles 2028-2032)
Title Seven. Payment of What Is Not Due (Articles 2033-2040)
Title Eight. Unjust Enrichment (Articles 2041-2042)
Title Nine. Unlawful Acts (Articles 2043-2059)

Civil Code. Book Five. Labor
Title One. Rules Governing Occupational Activities (Articles 2060-2081)
Title Two. Labor in the Enterprise (Articles 2082-2221)
Title Three. Autonomous Labor (Articles 2222-2238)
Title Four. Subordinate Labor in Particular Relationships (Articles 2239-2246)
Title Five. Companies (Articles 2247-2510)
Title Six. Cooperative Enterprises and Mutual Insurance Companies (Articles 2511-2548)
Title Seven. Association in Participation (Articles 2549- 2554)
Title Eight. Business (Articles 2555-2574)
Title Nine. Rights in Intellectual Works and Industrial Inventions (Articles 2575-2594)
Title Ten. Regulation of Competition and Syndicates (Articles 2595-2620)
Title Eleven. Penal Provisions in Matters Relating to Companies and Syndicates (Articles 2621-2642)

Civil Code. Book Six. Protection of Rights
Title One. Transcription (Articles 2643-2696)
Title Two. Evidence (Articles 2697-2739)
Title Three. Liability Affecting One’s Own Property, Causes for Preference, and Protection of Creditors Expectation of Recovery from Debtor’s Assets (Articles 2740-2906)
Title Four. Judicial Protection of Rights (Articles 2907-2933)
Title Five. Prescription and Forfeiture (Articles 2934-2969)

Appendix A. Adoption and Entrustment of Minors
Law No. 184 of May 4, 1983, as amended by Law No. 149 of March 28, 2001 and Legislative Decree No. 113 of May 30, 2002, containing the Discipline of Adoption and Entrustment of Minors

Appendix B. Marriage
Law No. 898 of December 1, 1970 as Amended by Law No. 436 of August 1, 1978 and by Law No. 74 of March 6, 1987, containing the Discipline of Cases of Dissolution of Marriage

Appendix C. Companies
Law No. 216 of June 7, 1974 containing Provisions relating to the Securities Market and the Fiscal Treatment of Shares of Joint Stock Companies as amended by Law No. 77 of March 23, 1983, Law No. 281 of June 4, 1985, Law No. 230 of June 23, 1988, Law Decree No. 417 of December 30, 1991 converted into Law No. 66 of February 6, 1992, Legislative Decree No. 461 of November 21, 1997 and Legislative Decree No. 58 of February 24, 1998

Appendix D. Accounts
Legislative Decree No. 127 of April 9, 1991 as amended by Legislative Decree No. 526 of December 30, 1992, containing Provisions for the Implementation of EEC Directives No. 78/660 and No. 83/349 with Respect to Annual Accounts and Consolidated Accounts. Law Decree No. 416 of June 29, 1994 converted into Law No. 503 of August 8, 1994, Law No. 52 of February 6, 1996, Law No. 127 of May 15, 1997, Legislative Decree No. 213 of June 24, 1998, Legislative Decree No. 153 of May 17, 1999, Legislative Decree No. 203 of April 27, 2001

Appendix E. Antitrust
Law No. 287 of October 10, 1990, as amended by Law No.269 of July 31, 1997 and Law No. 57 of March 5 2001, containing Provisions for the Protection of Competition and the Market.

Appendix F. Reform of Italian System of Conflict of Laws
Law No. 218 of May 31, 1995, as amended by Legislative Decree No. 361 of August 28, 1995 and by Legislative Decree No. 542 of October 23, 1996, containing Reform of Italian System of Conflicts of Law.

Appendix G. New Rules on Citizenship
Law No. 91 of February 5, 1992, as amended by Law No. 396 of November 3, 2000 and by Law No. 379 of December 14, 2000, containing New Rules on Citizenship.


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