How Cartels Endure And How They Fail
� Studies of Industrial Collusion
Författare:Grossman Peter Z.
Titel:How Cartels Endure And How They Fail � Studies of Industrial Collusion
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Introduction: What Do We Mean by Cartel Success?
1. Studies of Cartel Stability: A Comparison of Methodological Approaches
2. Decreasing Average Cost and Competition: A New Look at the Addyston Pipe Case
3. The Stability of Ocean Shipping Cartels
4. Why One Cartel Fails and Another Endures: The Joint Executive Committee and the Railroad Express
5. A Practice without Defenders: The Price Effects of Cartelization
6. If Cartels Were Legal, When Would Firms Fix Prices?
7. The Difference Government Policy Makes: The Case of Japan
8. Political Constraints on Government Cartelization: The Case of Oil Production Regulation in Texas and Saudi Arabia
9. International Commodity Agreements as Internationally Sanctioned Cartels
10. Response to Decline in the Western European Synthetic Fibre Industry: An Investigation of a Crisis Cartel
11. Collaborate to Collude? Multimarket and Multiproject Contact in R&D

Contributors include: G. Bittlingmayer, A.R. Dick, C.L. Gilbert, P.Z. Grossman, Y. Jang, J.R. Kinghorn, M.C. Levenstein, G.D. Libecap, R. Nielsen, P. Simpson, W. Sjostrom, J.L. Smith, V.Y. Suslow, M. Tilton, N.S. Vonortas
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