EC Merger Decisions Digest
Författare:Struys Michel , Robinson Jeremy
Titel:EC Merger Decisions Digest
Anmärkning:4 volymer. Uppdateringar för år 2007 ingår i priset. Därefter stående order på kommande uppdateringar.
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk
Ämnesord:Marknadsrätt , EU-rätt

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This Digest is a regularly updated looseleaf that provides not only every decision in concise summary/analysis format of the European Comission under the EC Merger Regulation, but a clear and easy-to-read presentation of the economic principles underlying the market definitions upheld by the Commission.

It includes such useful features as the following:
- standardised summaries of every decision of the European Commission under the EC Merger Regulation, grouped together in some 30 chapters according to the main economic sector concerned;
- an easy-to-read, very brief and straightforward summary of the key procedural and substantive points of each decision;
- an interest rating for each case from least interesting to most interesting;
- an invaluable summary of product and geographic market definitions upheld and left open by the Commission by product sector;
- a straightforward summary of the basic economic principles underlying how markets are defined; and
- a user guide to obtain maximum and speediest benefit from the work.

The text is in English, even if the language of the original decision is not.

Practitioners and advisers from the diverse sectors of corporate and competition law, investment banking or private equity will quickly find information relating to the product and geographic market definitions upheld by the Commission, and readily understand the principles underlying the Commissions findings. Users will rapidly find the most important decisions in each sector, obtain the key facts, and identify the reasons underlying each decision. Each summary contains full reference citations to the original text of the decision.

Table of Contents:
- General Section.
- Table of Contents.
- Foreword.
- How to Use this Guide.
- Index of Decisions.
- Jurisdictional Rules.
- Chemicals
- Construction
- Defence
- Education
- Energy
- Farming and Land Management
- Financial Services
- Food, Beverage and Tobacco
- Hotels and Leisure Industrial Goods
- Insurance
- Intermediary Goods
- Internet
- IT and Telecoms Hardware/Software
- Media and Printing
- Minerals and Metals Packaging
- Pharmaceutical Products
- Professional and Health Services
- Post and Telecoms Property
- Retail Manufacturing Textiles and Leather Transport Manufacture
- Transport Services
- Waste Management
- Water Wholesale and Retail
- Trade Wood and Wood Products
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