The Future Development of Competition Framework
Författare:Hwang Tzong-Leh , Chen Chiyuan
Titel:The Future Development of Competition Framework
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Serie:International Competition Law Series nr. 15

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Table of Contents:
About the Authors.
1. Introduction. Internationalization of Competition Laws: Levels of Diversities; U. Immenga.
2. Reports by Representatives of Foreign Competition Authorities. Competition, Trade and Development before and after Cancun; F. Jenny. Regional Cooperation between Competition Authorities; U. Boge. Canadian Perspectives on International Competition Cooperation; S. Southey. Current Development of Competition Law and Policy in Indonesia; P. Radja Silalahi.
3. Globalization and the Development of Competition Framework. Globalization and the Competition Analytical Framework: Some Mexican Experiences; P. Garcia Alba. Competition Policy as Welfare-Enhancing Complement to Trade Liberalization: A United States Perspective; A.F. Abbott. Globalization and Development of Competition Policy in the Russian Federation; A.B. Letin. Refreshed Approaches to the Development of Global Competition Framework; C. Lo.
4. Competition Framework for Technological Innovation. Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law: Making Them Co-Exist; J. Martin. Patents and Standards; C. Heath. Policy Issues in Efficient Collaboration through a Patent Pool; S. Nagaoka. A Discussion of the Relationship between the Patent Law and the Fair Trade Law in Taiwan with a Review of the Philips CD-R Decisions; Ming-Yan Shieh. Technological Innovation, the Knowledge-Based Economy and Competition Policy; G. Jyh-yih Hsu.
5. Competition Framework for Financial Reform. Koreas Competition Framework in the Financial Industry; Nam-Kee Lee. Taiwans Financial Reforms and Competition; Len-yu Liu.
6. Competition Framework for Developing Economies and Technical Assistance. A Competition Framework for Developing Economies and Technical Assistance; B.J. Phillips. Reconciling Competition Policy with Development Policies: The Case of Malaysia; Lee Kam Swee. Competition Law in Indonesia: Framework and Technical Assistance; S. Maarif.
Annex: Roundtable Discussion.
Table of Cases.
Table of Treaties, Statutes, Codes and Laws.
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