International Investment, Political Risk, and Dispute Resolution
� A Practitioner's Guide
Författare: Rubins Noah D. , Kinsella Stephen
Titel:International Investment, Political Risk, and Dispute Resolution � A Practitioner's Guide
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Political risk is a significant threat that cannot be ignored by companies engaged in direct international investment. A keen awareness of political risk, related international law, and the pre-investment and post-expropriation measures available, can reduce the damage resulting if political risk does manifest itself. International Investment, Political Risk, and Dispute Resolution provides a practical, sophisticated, and comprehensive discussion of all the relevant issues related to political risk.

This book provides a systematic and careful explanation of the relevant background international law concepts and practice pertaining to expropriation of foreign investments by host governments, as well as an extensive analysis of the nature of political risk and its most common forms. Valuable appendices include sample agreements, treaties, model contract clauses, fee schedules, United States government and OECD country risk reports, and web resources.

A systematic format covers:
- Relevant international law
- Defines political risk in general and in its most common forms
- Available investment treaties and related mechanisms and institutions that might make a given developing country more attractive than another
- Pre-investment decisions that can reduce political risk, from ways to structure transactions to procuring investment insurance
- Options open to an investor after an investment is affected
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