Competition and Antitrust Law & Practice in Europe: 2004
Författare:Kuan Judy S.
Titel:Competition and Antitrust Law & Practice in Europe: 2004
Omfång:295 sid.
Förlag:WorldTrade Executive
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk

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Companies operating in Europe are adapting to the new reality of EU competition policy, impacting multiple areas of business practice. This book addresses not only the decisions of the European Commission on whether a merger or acquisition should be approved, but also the many other areas of business operation affected by the evolving competition rules.

Legal and Regulatory highlights from this one-volume special report include the following topics:
- Legal and Business Aspects of Merger Control and Competition Policies
- Transatlantic Competition: The Interplay between Competition Policies of the European Union and the United States
- Public Service Contracts and State Aid: Regulations on Government Assistance to the Private Sector and Preventing Market Distortions
- Enforcement of Competition and Antitrust Laws
- Industry-Specific Competition Concerns, focusing on Intellectual Property, Securities, and Media
- Country-Specific Competition Concerns, including Romania, Poland, and Slovakia
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