Modernised EC Competition Law in International Arbitration
Författare:Landolt Philip
Titel:Modernised EC Competition Law in International Arbitration
Omfång:388 sid.
Ämnesord:Marknadsrätt , Processrätt , EU-rätt

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The recent modernisation of EC competition law has heightened the need for international arbitration practitioners to accommodate EC competition law into their practice and has made it necessary for EC competition law practitioners to understand the role of arbitration as a central means for the private enforcement of EC competition law.

This guide offers a convenient one-volume analysis of the expectations and requirements of the Community legal order upon international arbitration, as well as a dependable source of answers to the EC competition law questions which arbitration practitioners will ordinarily be faced with. It provides counsel and arbitrators with a basis upon which to identify and manage competition law issues arising in international arbitrations, with detailed coverage of such matters as:
- the main features of EC competition law;
- enforcement of EC competition law and the place of international arbitration in this enforcement;
- the relevant interrelations between arbitration proceedings and the European Commission, Member State competition authorities, and Member State courts;
- the roles of important players on litigation teams dealing with EC competition law questions;
- relevant economic concepts;
- particular matters under Dutch, English, French, German and Swiss law, including private remedies; and
- the application of mandatory norms by arbitration tribunals.
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