Public Procurement Law
� the EU directive on public contracts
Författare:Hjelmborg Simon Evers , Jakobsen Peter Stig , Poulsen Sune Troels
Titel:Public Procurement Law � the EU directive on public contracts
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This book contains an analysis of the new EU Procurement Directive. The analyses are based on judgments of the European Court of Justice, communications from the European Commission and Danish case law.

The book was originally written in Danish. The authors have found it relevant to translate the book into English, since the new Procurement Directive has been transposed directly into Danish law. As a consequence, the rules of the Directive are directly applicable to Danish law and the extensive Danish case law on the Procurement Directive largely amplifies the analyses of the individual rules of the Procurement Directive.

The book is divided into eight chapters with the following headings:
1. Aim and Principles
2. Contracting Authorities
3. Contracts subject to the Procurement Directive
4. The Contract Documents
5. The Procurement Procedures
6. Selection of Participants - Pre-Qualification
7. Award of Orders and Conclusion of Contract
8. Enforcement
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