A Concise Guide to the EU Anti-Dumping/Anti-Subsidies Procedures
Författare:Giannakopoulos Themistoklis K.
Titel:A Concise Guide to the EU Anti-Dumping/Anti-Subsidies Procedures
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Table of Contents: I. Introduction. II. Substantial Issues of Dumping and Subsidies. A. Basic Principles Regarding Dumping and Subsidies. B. Definition of a Subsidy Countervailable and Non-Countervailable Subsidies. C. Calculation of Dumping and Countervailable Subsidies. D. Determination of Injury. E. Definition of Community Industry. F. Sampling. III. Procedural Issues of Dumping and Subsidies. A. Initiation of an Anti-Dumping/Anti-Subsidies Procedure: The Filing of a Complaint. B. The Procedure Following the Initiating of Proceedings. IV. The Outcome of Anti-Dumping/Anti-Subsidies Investigations. A. Imposition of Provisional Measures by the Commission. B. Termination of Investigation by Acceptance of Undertakings by the Commission. C. Termination of the Proceedings Without Measures Imposition of Definitive Duties by the Commission. D. Duration of Measures Reviews. E. Refunds. F. Absorption of Measures. G. Circumvention of Measures. H. Suspension of Measures. I. General Provisions Publication of Measures Consultations. V. Judicial Review of the Various Commission Decisions in Anti-Dumping/Anti-Subsidies Cases. A. Action for Annulment: Challengeable Acts and the Locus Standi of the Interested Persons. B. Actions for Failure to Act Actions for Damages. Case Law of the European Courts. Community Institutions Acts Imposing Measures. Indicative Bibliography.
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