Modern Banking Law
Författare:Ellinger E. P. , Lomnicka Eva , Hooley Richard
Titel:Modern Banking Law
Upplaga:4 uppl.
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Förlag:Oxford University Press

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Part 1: Bank and Banking Business
1. The Structure of the British Banking World
2. The Control of Banking Activities in the United Kingdom
3. Legal Definition and Privileges of Banks
4. Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism
5. The Bank and its Customers

Part 2: The Bank as a Monetary Agency in Domestic Transactions
6. The Bank's Role as a Depository
7. The Current Account
8. Special Types of Account
9. Interest-bearing Accounts
10. The Bank as Paymaster: Negotiable Instruments (Including Cheques)
11. The Paying Bank
12. Recovery of Money Paid by Mistake
13. The Giro System and Electronic Transfer of Funds
14. Payment Cards
15. The Bank's Role in Collecting Cheques
16. Incidental Services Performed by Banks

Part 3: The Bank as Financier and Lender in Domestic Transactions
17. Current Account Financing and Loans
18. Securities for Bankers' Advances: The General Part
19. Proprietary Securities
20. Possessory Securities
21. Choses in Action as Security
22. Guarantees
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