The Swedish Companies Act
– An introduction
Författare:Skog Rolf , Fäger Catarina
Titel:The Swedish Companies Act – An introduction
Anmärkning:Boken innehåller även lexikon med termer och begrepp. Boken utkommer även på svenska (Aktiebolagslagen - en introduktion).
Omfång:361 sid.
Förlag:Norstedts Juridik
Typ av verk:Författningssamling
Ämnesord:Associationsrätt och värdepappersrätt

SLUT på förlag
In order to maintain the confidence of shareholders and the market, a company must have a good understanding of company law regulations. This introduction focuses on the rules applicable to most small and medium-sized companies and, together with the text of the Act, is an excellent handbook for both owners and company management. The new, modernised 2005 Companies Act is both lucid and easy to comprehend.

Many companies operate in fast-growing markets or on markets where companies active in mergers and acquisitions can grow quite quickly. Consequently, the book also contains clear information about applicable rules for larger companies.

The book is also suitable for lawyers, accountants and others who, in their capacities as advisors to companies, often need to summarise fundamental company law regulations for their clients. It is published in English as a complement for companies operating internationally who need to describe Swedish company law in English.
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