Managing Business Disputes in Today's China
– Duelling with Dragons
Författare:Moser Michael J.
Titel:Managing Business Disputes in Today's China – Duelling with Dragons
Omfång:300 sid.
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk
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As more and more transnational businesses invest in China, the spectre of commercial disputes looms larger and larger. After introductory chapters setting out the background and the disputes facing Ricepower and its investors, subsequent chapters deal with an overview and evaluation of the various options available to the parties to resolve their conflicts. These include such mechanisms as the following:
- arbitration inside China;
- arbitration outside China;
- litigation in the People s Courts;
- administrative appeals; and
- investor-state arbitration.

Specialized themes include intellectual property disputes, employment and labour disputes, criminal law aspects of business disputes, and enforcement of dispute outcomes both inside China and abroad. The book also features a detailed table of legislation and cases, and statistics on arbitration and litigation in China.
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