Efficient Portfolio Management
Författare:Vinell Lars , Fischerström Jonas , Nilsson Martin
Titel:Efficient Portfolio Management
Anmärkning:Detta är en engelsk översättning av boken Effektivt kapital av samma författare.
Omfång:258 sid.
Förlag:Norstedts Juridik

Pris: 438 SEK exkl. moms
Efficient Portfolio Management deals with practical portfolio management. It is aimed at building a bridge between theory and practice, particularly in respect of new investment strategies permitted by rapid product development in recent decades.

The book commences with the basic issues of risk measurement and asset price formation but is ultimately aimed at providing concrete guidance in asset management. Thus, the book is aimed primarily at those active in the financial area. It is also ideal for students in economics.

1 Asset management in focus.
2 Expected return and risk in asset investment.
3 Diversification, optimal portfolios and price formation of stocks.
4 Portfolio optimization in practice.
5 Data and forecasting in portfolio management.
6 Fund manager performance - measurement and experience.
7 Modern asset management - customization with flexible solutions.
8 Case management illustrating some common problems in asset management. Appendices with examples, references and index.
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