Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies
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Titel:Valuation Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies
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Part One: Foundations of Value.
1. Why Maximize Value?
2. The Value Manager.
3. Fundamental Principles of Value Creation.
4. Do Fundamentals Really Drive the Stock Market?

Part Two: Core Valuation Techniques.
5. Frameworks for Valuation.
6. Thinking about Return on Invested Capital and Growth.
7. Analyzing Historical Performance.
8. Forecasting Performance.
9. Estimating Continuing Value.
10. Estimating the Cost of Capital.
11. Calculating and Interpreting Results.
12. Using Multiples for Valuation.

Part Three: Making Value Happen.
13. Performance Measurement.
14. Performance Management.
15. Creating Value through Mergers and Acquisitions.
16. Creating Value through Divestitures.
17. Capital Structure.
18. Investor Communications.

Part Four: Advanced Valuation Issues.
19. Valuing Multibusiness Companies.
20. Valuing Flexibility.
21. Cross-Border Valuation.
22. Valuation in Emerging Markets.
23. Valuing High-Growth Companies.
24. Valuing Cyclical Companies.
25. Valuing Financial Institutions.

Appendix A: Economic Profit and the Key Value Driver Formula.
Appendix B: Discounted Economic Profit Equals Discounted Free Cash Flow.
Appendix C: Adjusted Present Value Equals Discounted Free Cash Flow.
Appendix D: Levering and Unlevering the Cost of Equity.
Appendix E: Leverage and the Price-Earnings Multiple.
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