Financial Law
Författare:Benjamin Joanna
Titel:Financial Law
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1. Part I: Introduction Terms of Reference
2. Credit Risk
Part II: Simple Financial Positions
3. Overview
4. Transaction Types
5. Comparison of Simple Financial Positions
6. Trends
Part III: Funded Positions
7. Overview
8. Options for Raising Capital
9. Managed Funds
10. Regulation of Funded Positions: 5 Points of Comparison
Part IV: Net Positions
11. Overview
12. Set off and Netting
13. Title Transfer Collateral Arrangements
14. The Rise of Net Positions
Part V: Asset backed positions
15. Overview
16. Property Rights
17. Security
18. Asset-backed Securities
19. Indirectly Held Securities
20. Financial Collateral
21. Trends
Part VI: Markets and Regulatory Projects
22. Overview
23. Market forces in financial law and regulation
24. Judges, markets and consumers
25. The arm's length regulatory project
26. The fiduciary project
27. The consumerist project
28. Conclusions
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