International Harmonization of Economic Regulation
Författare:Nakagawa Junji
Titel:International Harmonization of Economic Regulation
Omfång:391 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Ämnesord:Ekonomi , Statsvetenskap och politik

Pris: 794 SEK exkl. moms
Clear and coherent analysis of international efforts to harmonize economic regulation, assessing their international as well as domestic impact
Covers a wide range of areas, from trade and intellectual property regulations to technical standards, competition law, and finance
Extensive examination of the roles of different actors involved in harmonization negotiations
With the advancing globalization of the world economy, domestic economic regulations are becoming more and more subject to efforts at international harmonization. This book presents an analysis of this worldwide phenomenon from both a legal and a politico-economic perspective by focusing on (1) the backgrounds and objectives of international harmonization, (2) the negotiating processes involved, and (3) the impact of harmonization on domestic laws and their administration.

International harmonization is discussed in a wide range of cases including trade-related regulations, technical standards and food safety standards, intellectual property rights, labour standards, competition law and policy, financial regulations, and regulations concerning transnational economic crime. Drawing on a wide range of materials and applying a unified analytical framework based on theoretical as well as practical observations, the book surveys this much debated topic in a comprehensive and accessible way. It thus contributes to a better understanding of both the chances and the challenges of globalization and global governance today.

Readership: Practitioners and government legal advisers working in international economic law and economic regulation; scholars and students of these areas.
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