OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy
– Sweden 2012
Titel:OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy – Sweden 2012
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The purpose of this review is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements, relationships and dynamics that drive the Swedish innovation system and the opportunities to enhance it through government policy.

More specifically, the review:

•provides an independent and comparative assessment of the overall performance of Sweden’s National Innovation System (NIS).
•recommends where improvements can be made within the system.
•formulates recommendations on how government policies can contribute to such improvements, drawing on the experience of other OECD countries and evidence on innovation processes, systems and policies.
The review is intended to be relevant to a wide range of stakeholders in Sweden, including government officials, entrepreneurs and researchers as well as the general public. It is part of the OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy series, which offers a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of individual OECD member and non-member countries, focusing on the role of government. The reviews provide concrete recommendations on how to improve policies which impact on innovation performance, including R&D policies. Each review identifies good practices from which other countries can learn.
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