Perspectives on Credit Rating Agencies
Författare:Kleineman Jan , Gorton Lars , Verständig Aron
Titel:Perspectives on Credit Rating Agencies
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Serie:Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law nr. 19
Ämnesord:Krediträtt , Associationsrätt och värdepappersrätt , EU-rätt

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On June 14-15 2012 the Stockholm Centre of Commercial Law arranged a conference on credit rating agencies. Credit rating agencies (CRAs) have during the last several decades had an increasingly more important role in the financial markets. Although credit rating agencies are private entities, their judgments on the credit worthiness of companies, sovereigns, bonds and structured financial products are essential for the financial markets.

The idea of the seminar has been to show the various activities of CRAs, to mirror these activities from various points of view and to elucidate the contractual nature of their involvements also in the light of tort law, and further to discuss the role of new regulations related to the CRAs.

Table of contents:
- Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law
- Foreword
- General Background of the Conference
Lars Gorton and Aron Verständig

Theme: Background, Functions, Regulations and Liability of Credit Rating Agencies
- The role of credit-rating agencies from a central banker’s perspective
Stefan Ingves
- How did increased competition affect credit ratings?
Bo Becker and Todd Milbourn
- Ratings Reform: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
John C. Coffee Jr
- Theme: Credit Rating Agencies from Different Perspectives
- The role and regulation of ratings agencies in Europe
Torsten Hinrichs
- Control of ownership in credit rating agencies
Jone Engh
- Competition and Credit Rating Agencies
Aline Darbellay
- The Importance of Being and of Being Earnest: The Ontological, Epistemological and Constitutional Aspects of Credit Ratings
Dan Hanqvist
- Rating of enterprises
Eva Lindebäck Brandt

Theme: The regulation of Credit Rating Agencies
- Bank capital regulation and the role of external ratings: Unresolved issues
Kern Alexander
- Changes to the EU regulatory framework for credit rating agencies
Per Lamberth
- ESMA: the European supervisor of credit rating agencies in the EU
Felix Flinterman
- Conflicts of Interest and Risk Management Practices in the CRA Industry
Rolf H. Weber & Simone Baumann

Theme: Liability Questions and Contractual Questions
- Civil liability of Credit Rating Agencies – A professional liability regime?
Vibe Ulfbeck

Theme: In conclusion
The regulation of credit reference agencies: a wider view
Philip Wood

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