Banking and Capital Markets
– 2013
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Titel:Banking and Capital Markets – 2013
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This is a practical guide to a field that has seen a rapid rate of change in recent years. The text is divided into three parts: Part I provides a clear and accessible explanation of the fundamentals behind drafting loan facility documentation; Part II provides a thorough examination of secured lending, which is probably the most legally complex area of the banking solicitor’s practice; and Part III provides a straightforward introduction to capital markets financing including the process of issuing a stand-alone bond.


- Raising Finance

Facility Agreements
- Due Diligence, Commitment Letters and the Term Sheet
- Plain Vanilla or Bells and Whistles?
- When, Who, Where, What and Why?
- Representations and Warranties
- A Review of Company Accounts
- Undertakings
- Events of Default
- Boiler Plate, Mechanics and Miscellaneous Clauses
- Novation, Assignment and Sub-participation
- Drafting Tips

Secured Lending
- Common Forms of Security
- Quasi-security
- Further Issues on Taking Security
- Security Documentation – Debentures
- Legal Opinions

Capital Markets
- Introduction to International Capital Markets
- The Forms and Legal Characteristics of a Bond
- Issuing a Bond – The Parties and Documentation
- Bond Prospectus and Listing Particulars
- Issuing a Bond – The Process

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