Arbitration in Switzerland
– The Practitioners Guide
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Titel:Arbitration in Switzerland – The Practitioners Guide
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This incomparable book clearly shows practitioners how to navigate all the practical details of any kind of arbitration in any of the many venues located in Switzerland. Whether a dispute involves intellectual property, construction, trusts, sports, investment, or any of the other problem areas where arbitration promises the best resolution, arbitrators and the parties they represent will find all the information and guidance they need here. Included are such topics as the following (and much more), each covered in a variety of institutional and case-related contexts:

-conduct of the arbitration;
-interim measures, including those issued by emergency arbitrators;
-taking of evidence;
-parallel proceedings;
-multi-party and multi-contract arbitrations;
-multi-tiered and hybrid arbitration clauses;
-recognition and enforcement of awards, including grounds for refusal;
-setting aside of awards; and
-revision of awards.

The book also draws on Switzerland’s large body of case law on arbitration, which substantially enhances reliability and predictability for foreign parties. There is every indication that Switzerland will continue to follow developments in international arbitration and take the needs of arbitration users into consideration in an environment of increased competition. Accordingly, there are few practitioners who will not welcome and benefit from this very practical and forward-looking book, written by Swiss arbitration practitioners for all practitioners.

1. Switzerland as a Traditional Arbitration Venue.

2. The Swiss Private International Law Statute (Chapter 12), including an article-by-article commentary.

3. The 2012 Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, including an article-by-article commentary.

4. ICC Arbitration in Switzerland including an article-by-article commentary on the 2012 ICC Rules.

5. Ad Hoc Arbitration in Switzerland.

6. Sports Arbitration in Switzerland, , including an article-by-article commentary on the 2013 CAS Rules.

7. Intellectual Property Arbitration in Switzerland.

8. Construction Arbitration in Switzerland.

9. Investment Arbitration in Switzerland.

10. Trust Arbitration in Switzerland.

11. Revision of Awards.

12. Recognition and Enforcement of Swiss and Foreign Arbitral Awards.

13. Special Topics.
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