The Principles of Equity and Trusts
Författare:Virgo Graham
Titel:The Principles of Equity and Trusts
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
Ämnesord:Krediträtt , Förmögenhetsrätt , Associationsrätt och värdepappersrätt

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The Principle of Equity and Trusts offers students a new approach to this dynamic area of law. Professor Graham Virgo has created a rigorous yet accessible student companion which draws the field in its contemporary context, offering a critical and insightful commentary on the law, its application, and development.

The text communicates the dynamic and thought provoking nature of this area of law and reflect the modern understanding of the subjects, as propounded both by the judiciary and commentators.

The text offers a student focused approach providing a clearly written and accessible guide to this most fascinating area of law while equally providing the critical rigour and referencing expected from academics in the field.

PART I: Equity
1: An introduction to equity
2: The characteristics of equity
3: An introduction to the trust

PART II: The Express Trust
4: The requirements of an express trust
5: Formalities

PART III: Purpose Trusts
6: Charitable trusts
7: Non-charitable purpose trusts

PART IV Imposed Trusts
8: Resulting trusts
9: Constructive trusts
10: Informal arrangements relating to property

PART V : Beneficiaries
11: Beneficiaries

PART VI: Trustees & their responsibilities
12: Trustees
13: The administration of trusts
14: Dispositive powers and duties
15: Fiduciary duties

PART VII: Variations of Trusts
16: The variation of trusts

PART VIII: Breach of Trust and Fiduciary Duty
17: Liability for breach of trust and fiduciary duty
18: Personal liability for breach of trust and fiduciary duty
19: Proprietary claims and remedies
20: Personal liability of third parties

Part IX: Equitable Orders
21: Equitable orders
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