Islamic Finance
– A Practical Guide
Författare:Ali Rahail , Lovells Hogan
Titel:Islamic Finance – A Practical Guide
Upplaga:2 uppl.
Omfång:180 sid.
Förlag:Globe Law and Business
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Islamic Finance has seen unprecedented growth in recent years and the pace of this growth is accelerating. This is evidenced not only by the size of the Islamic finance market, but also by the increasing range of sophisticated products and services. The markets for Shariah-compliant funds and takaful (Islamic insurance) are sectors in their own right.

Today, Islamic finance attracts sovereigns, financial institutions, multinationals, corporates and customers across the retail spectrum who are looking to tap Islamic liquidity from sukuk (Islamic bonds), corporate, retail, acquisition, development and project financings.

This new second edition features fully updated, insightful chapters by leading practitioners in Islamic financing and analyses market trends, key developments and structures for sukuk, syndications, funds, takaful, project financing and Islamic liquidity management. New to the second edition are chapters on the regulation of Islamic finance and an overview of the sukuk market.

This unique title is essential reading whether you are already engaged in Islamic financing transactions or interested in understanding the Islamic finance market and the structures underpinning the world's fastest-growing finance sector.
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