Counsel as Clients First Enemy in Arbitration
Författare:Draetta Ugo
Titel:Counsel as Clients First Enemy in Arbitration
Omfång:127 sid.
Förlag:Juris Publishing

Pris: 693 SEK exkl. moms
COUNSEL AS CLIENT S FIRST ENEMY IN ARBITRATION? is not a legal book, nor a book dealing with ethics of the arbitration. This book is about cases where counsel occasionally abuse or misuse their right to defend their clients in international arbitrations, with potential adverse effects on the latters. This is a subject on which with some notable exception, not much has been said. By contrast, literature abounds about the duty of the arbitrators and the consequences for them if they do not observe such duties.

In sum, this book is aimed at discussing, in the most pragmatic way, certain behaviors by counsel occasionally encountered in the international arbitration practice that the author considers pathological, not physiological. The discussion is supported by real life anecdotes, appropriately redacted and sanitized. Given the author's years of experience and wealth of knowledge, this publication is a valuable resource to anyone that is serious about arbitration.
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