International Contractual and Statutory Adjudication
Författare:Burr Andrew
Titel:International Contractual and Statutory Adjudication
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A compilation of commentaries on the various jurisdictions where there either is, or is planned, a statutory adjudication system , this is a review of such systems worldwide in the commercial and construction fields. It features analysis by specialist advisory editors on the adjudication system in place in each separate jurisdiction, together with a copy of the relevant local legislation, and permits a comparative approach between each.


- Foreword

Sir Robert Akenhead

- Introduction
Andrew Burr

- United Kingdom
Andrew Burr

- Australia: the East Coast Model with New South Wales as the Principal Legislation
Samer Skaik

- Australia: the East Coast Model: Victoria, Tasmania, The Australian Capital Territory and South Australia
Samer Skaik

- Australia: the East Coast Model: Queensland
Samer Skaik

- Australia: the West Coast model
Samer Skaik

- CIArb DB Rules
Michael Cover

- FIDIC DB Rules
Murray Armes

- Germany
Ragnar Harbst

- Hong Kong
Vincent Liu

- ICC DB Rules
Andrew Burr

- Ireland
John Lyden

- Malaysia
S Magintharan

- New Zealand
Rebecca Saunders

- Northern Ireland
Andrew Burr

- Scotland
David Carrick and Tim Pettigrew-Smith

- Singapore
S Magintharan

- South Africa
Vaughan Hattingh

- The United States
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