Mergers and Takeovers in the US and UK
– Law and Practice
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Titel:Mergers and Takeovers in the US and UK – Law and Practice
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A. Takeovers in the US - Law and Practice
1 Merger and Tender Offer Structures in the US
2 The US Federal Regulatory Structure
3 US State Anti-Takeover Statutes
4 Fiduciary Duties in US Corporate Takeovers: The Business Judgment Rule, The Unocal Test, and the Revlon Auction Duty
5 Defensive Measures Against Corporate Takeovers
6 Proxy Contests and Written Consent Solicitations in the US

B. Takeovers in the UK - Law and Practice
7 The Framework of UK Takeover Regulation
8 Stakebuilding Below the 30% 'Control' Threshold; the 'SARs' and Partial Offers; Statutory Schemes of Arrangement and Compulsory Acquisitions of Minority Shares
9 The Regulation of Takeovers under the City Code
10 Defensive Measures in UK Takeovers

C. Cross-border Transactions
11 Cross-border Mergers and Takeovers in the UK and the US

Appendix: Key Legislation, documents and guidelines and where to find them
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