International Arbitration: A Handbook
Författare:Capper Phillip
Titel:International Arbitration: A Handbook
Upplaga:3 uppl.
Omfång:179 sid.
Förlag:Lloyds of London Press
Ämnesord:Processrätt , Sjö- och transporträtt

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This book provides advice on how to conduct an arbitration involving two or more jurisdictions. It guides you through the relevant laws and rules and provides an overview of the most important legal and practical matters to consider at each stage of the arbitration process.

The book discusses:
- The arbitration agreement
- The commencement of an arbitration
- The appointment of an arbitration tribunal
- The jurisdiction
- Powers and obligation of the tribunal
- The conduct of the proceedings
- The award
- Recognition and enforcement

The book contains a new chapter on investment treaty arbitration, which has expanded enormously over the years. The chapter looks at the kind of investments which are covered by investment treaties, persons to whom investment treaties apply, the rights commonly provided under investment treaties and ICSID arbitration and commonly encountered issues and practical considerations.

Additional updates include:
- Enhancements to sections on ADR, multi-tiered arbitration, clauses, confidentiality, interim measures and consumer arbitration
- Amendments to institutional rules
- Signatories to relevant international conventions
- Reference to other institutional rules such as WIPO, ICDR, OHADA and the Court of Arbitration for Sports
- The use of IT in international arbitration
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