Arbitration of Commercial Disputes
– International and English Law and Practice
Författare:Tweeddale Andrew , Tweeddale Keren
Titel:Arbitration of Commercial Disputes – International and English Law and Practice
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Part I: An Introduction to ADR
1 Alternative Dispute Resolution

Part II: International Arbitration - Principles and Practice
2 The Principles of Arbitration
3 Arbitration Institutions and Ad Hoc Arbitration
4 The Arbitration Agreement and the Parties
5 The Arbitral Tribunal and Jurisdiction
6 The Applicable Law
7 The Procedural Laws of the Arbitration
8 Preliminary Proceedings
9 The Powers of the Arbitral Tribunal and Interim Measures of Protection
10 Evidence, the Award and Remedies
11 Privacy and Confidentiality
12 Challenging the Award
13 Recognition and Enforcement of the Award
14 Treaties and Conventions

Part III: Arbitration under English Law
15 Introduction to English Arbitration Law
16 The Scope and Characteristics of Arbitration
17 Commencing an Arbitration
18 Extending Time to Commence Arbitration Proceedings
19 The Parties
20 The Arbitration Agreement
21 Incorporating the Arbitration Agreement
22 Appointing the Arbitral Tribunal and the Cessation of its Office
23 The Arbitral Tribunal
24 Challenging the Arbitral Tribunal's Jurisdiction in the Proceedings
25 Powers of the Court
26 Procedural Matters Under the Arbitration Act 1996
27 Challenging and Appealing the Award
28 Appeal on a Point of Law
29 Powers of the Arbitral Tribunal in Respect of the Award
30 The Award

Part IV: Precedents
a) Arbitration Agreements (Model Arbitration Clauses, Ad Hoc Arbitration Agreements, Arbitration Following ADR, Incorporation of Arbitration Clause from Another Contract)
b) Mediation Agreement
c) Appointments and Jurisdictional Clauses (General Jurisdiction Clauses, Appointment of Arbitrator, Termination of Arbitrator's Appointment, ICSID Model Jurisdictional Clauses)
d) Commencing an Arbitration (Arbitration Notices)
e) Joinder and Consolidation Clauses (Joinder Provisions in Main Contract and Sub-contract, Agreement Between the Parties Extending the Arbitral Tribunal's Jurisdiction to Deal with a New Dispute, Agreement Between the Parties and a Third Party Permitting the Joinder of the Third Party into an Existing Dispute)
f) Terms of Reference in an International Arbitration Conducted under the ICC Rules of Arbitration
g) Procedural Clauses (Timetable and Orders for Directions, Disclosure, Security for Costs, Power of Attorney, Confidentiality Clauses, Calderbank Offer)
h) Pleadings and Awards (Points of Claim, Final Award, Agreed Award)
i) Applications to the Court (Arbitration Forms, Applications to the Court, Witness Statements in Support of Court Applications, Draft Orders)

Part V: Appendices
Arbitration Act 1996
The Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions Part 62: Arbitration Claims
The Departmental Advisory Committee Report on the Arbitration Bill
The Departmental Advisory Committee Supplementary Report on the Arbitration Act 1996
UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration
Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
UNCITRAL Notes on Organizing Arbitral Proceedings
IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration
Rules, Convention and Arbitration Related Websites
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