International Arbitration Treaties
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Titel:International Arbitration Treaties
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Treaties protect the integrity of international arbitration by ensuring that signatory countries can depend on recognition, confirmation, execution and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. A country's ability to do business with the international investment community may well depend on whether they have acceded to a particular convention. This one-volume guide provides the full text of all the major treaties along with historical and drafting information, lists of signatories and a helpful bibliography.

The book also contains the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, 1985. Many nations have either adopted or adapted the UNCITRAL model for their domestic arbitration laws. In addition, the Geneva Protocol on Arbitration Clauses, 1923, is provided.

The Conventions included are:
- Geneva Convention on the Execution of Foreign Arbitral Awards, 1927
- New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, 1958
- European Convention on International Commercial Arbitration, 1961
- Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes Between States and Nationals of Other States, 1965
- European Convention Providing a Uniform Law on Arbitration, 1966
- Inter-America Convention on International Commercial Arbitration, 1975
- United Nations Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Sea,1978
- Inter-America Convention on Extraterritorial Validity of Foreign Judgements and Arbitral Awards, 1979
- North American Free Trade Agreement, 1992
- UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercail Arbitration, 1984
- UNCITRAL Model Law on Commercial Conciliation, 2002
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