Foreign Investment Disputes
– Cases, Materials and Commentary
Författare:Bishop Raymond Doak , Crawford James , Reisman Michael
Titel:Foreign Investment Disputes – Cases, Materials and Commentary
Omfång:1653 sid.
Ämnesord:Processrätt , Förmögenhetsrätt

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This work provides broad coverage of all aspects of foreign investment disputes: the treaty system protecting investments, investment contracts and key clauses, forums for resolving investment disputes, political risk insurance, applicable law, principles of state responsibility, investor rights under investment treaties and customary international law, defenses to investor claims, reparations, procedure and proof, and enforcement of arbitral awards. Of particular value to practitioners are such features as the following:
- the most relevant excerpts from the most important cases dealing with foreign investment disputes;
- questions and comments prepared by the authors, who are senior lawyers and professors with vast experience and expertise in the subject matter;
- excerpts from decisions of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation interpreting the key terms of political risk insurance policies, and,
- key clauses in investment contracts.
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