An Introduction to EU Pharmaceutical Law
Författare:Lisman John , Schoonderbeek Carla
Titel:An Introduction to EU Pharmaceutical Law
Omfång:170 sid.
Förlag:Brookwood Medical Publications
Ämnesord:Offentlig rätt , EU-rätt

SLUT på förlag
Essential for regulatory & legal professionals worldwide, this definitive guide to aids in-depth understanding of EU pharmaceutical law in several ways. It examines the rules which currently govern the authorisation and use of medicinal products in the EU. It provides examples of the most up-to-date case law from the European Court of Justice. It establishes the state of play in EU pharmaceutical law and then goes on to explain the legislation that will result from the Review 2001. Furthermore it presents this detailed information in an easy-to-follow thematic structure which highlights all the areas affected by the review.
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