Analysis of Evidence
Författare:Anderson Terence , Schum David , Twining William
Titel:Analysis of Evidence
Upplaga:2 uppl.
Omfång:401 sid.
Förlag:Cambridge University Press

Pris: 407 SEK exkl. moms
Contents: 1. Evidence and inference: some food for thought; 2. Fact investigation and the nature of evidence; 3. Principles of proof; 4. Methods of analysis; 5. The chart method; 6. Outlines, chronologies and narrative; 7. Analysing the decided case: anatomy of a cause célèbre; 8. Evaluating evidence; 9. Probabilities, weight and probative force; 10. Necessary but dangerous: generalizations and stories in argumentation about facts; 11. The principles of proof and the law of evidence; 12. The trial lawyer’s standpoint.
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