Commercial Litigation: Pre-Emptive Remedies
– International Edition
Författare:Goldrein Iain , Kershaw Michael
Titel:Commercial Litigation: Pre-Emptive Remedies – International Edition
Omfång:1300 sid.
Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk
Ämnesord:Processrätt , Förmögenhetsrätt

Pris: 2826 SEK exkl. moms

Part A
1: Interim Remedies - Practice and Procedure
2: Freezing Injunctions and the Appointment of Receivers
3: Search Orders, Orders in Relation to Property and Orders to Deliver Up Goods
4: Security for Costs
5: Default Judgments and Judgments upon Admissions
6: Summary Judgment

Part B
1: Interim Injunctions and Rememdies
2: Freezing Injunctions

Part C
Case File

Part D
International dimension
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