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After the Damages Directive — Policy and Practice in the EU Member States and the United Kingdom
Biondi Andrea, Muscolo Gabriella, Nazzini Renato, red.
Wolters Kluwer, Marknadsrätt, EU-rätt
Inbunden, 672 sid, 2022, Pris: 2435 SEK exkl. moms   

The EU and the Rule of Law in International Economic Relations — An Agenda for an Enhanced Dialogue
Biondi Andrea, Sangiuolo Giorgia , red.
Edward Elgar, EU-rätt, Förmögenhetsrätt, Internationell rätt
Inbunden, 368 sid, 2021, Pris: 1583 SEK exkl. moms   

Brexit: The Legal Implications
Biondi Andrea
Kluwer, EU-rätt
Inbunden, 293 sid, 2018, Pris: 1718 SEK exkl. moms   

Britain Alone! — The Implications and Consequences of United Kingdom Exit from the EU
Birkinshaw Patrick J, Biondi Andrea
Kluwer, EU-rätt, Utländsk rätt
Inbunden, 347 sid, 2016, Pris: 1234 SEK exkl. moms   

The Right to Damages in European Law
Biondi Andrea, Farley Martin
Kluwer, EU-rätt, Förmögenhetsrätt
Inbunden, 248 sid, 2009, Pris: 1220 SEK exkl. moms   

The Law of State Aid in the European Union
Biondi Andrea, Eeckhout Piet, Flynn James
Oxford University Press, EU-rätt
Inbunden, 389 sid, 2003, Pris: 1164 SEK exkl. moms   

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