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The Universal and the Particular in Legal Reasoning
Författare:Bankowski Zenon , MacLean James
Titel:The Universal and the Particular in Legal Reasoning
Omfång:272 sid.
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Contents: Preface; Introduction, Zenon Bankowski and James MacLean. Part1 Prologue: Particulars and universals, Neil MacCormick. Part 2 The Ethical and Institutional Setting for Legal Decision Making: In the judgement space: the judge and the anxiety of the encounter, Zenon Bankowski; The institutional constraints on particularism, John Bell; The burden of universalism, Neil Walker; Adjudication and the particular, Fernando Atria; The end of morality: radical and descriptive particularity, Michael Tetmold. Part 3 Moral Perception and Moral Reasoning: Eliding the particular: a comment on Neil MacCormick's 'Particulars and universals', Emilios Christodoulidis; Practical reason and character traits: remarks on MacCormick's sentimentalist theory of moral perception, Claudio Michelon; Diachronic universalization and the law, Emmanuel Melissaris; 'A very unique case': reflections on Neil MacCormick's theory of universalization in practical reasoning, Scott Veitch. Part 4 Legal Theory in a Philosophical Context: Two conceptions of universalization, George Pavlakos; Two particular truths: a response to Neil MacCormick's 'Particulars and universals', Victor Tadros; Particulars and universals in legal justification, Aleksander Peczenik. Part 5 The Judgement of Solomon: The courtroom as laboratory: universalism and evidentiary reasoning, Burkhard Schafer; Universalizability and intuition: Solomon and secularization, Bernard Jackson; Particularity and medial law, J. Kenyon Mason; Thoughts on MacCormick's 'Particulars and Universals', Nicola Lacey. Part 6 Epilogue: An attempted response, Neil MacCormick; Index of names; Subject index.
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