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Multiple Party Actions in International Arbitration
Titel:Multiple Party Actions in International Arbitration
Anmärkning:Edited by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA).
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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This publication from the International Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) presents a collection of studies on the key issues found in complex international commercial and investment disputes. Renowned authors from Europe and North America consider issues from perspectives emanating from both the Anglo-American and Continental European legal systems.

The authors consider international multiparty arbitration and its attendant problems from both a conceptual and practical perspective, beginning with the overarching legal problems of determining the proper parties to the arbitration and the ambit of contractual consent. Topics which are comprehensively examined include: Joinder of parties and consolidation of arbitral proceedings; the challenges of administration of multiparty arbitrations; investment arbitration involving multiple parties and multiparty issues in investor-state arbitration; classwide arbitration and arbitrating mass investor claims; lessons that can be learnt from mass claims processes; and enforcement issues. The book also includes a practitioner-oriented discussion of multiparty arbitration in the construction industry.

Readership: Legal practitioners with an interest in commercial and investor-state arbitrations, arbitrators, academics, government advisors and academic libraries.

Tjaco van den Hout (Permanent Court of Arbitration)
W. Laurence Craig (Orrick)

Defining the Problem: Who are the Proper Parties to the Arbitration?
1. An Arbitrator's Dilemma: Consent, Corporate Veil and Non-Signatories , William W. Park (Boston University):
2. Multiple Parties and Multiple Contracts in International Arbitration , Bernard Hanotiau (Hanotiau & Van den Berg, Brussels)
3. Arbitral Jurisdiction and the Dimensions of Party "Consent" , Alan Rau (University of Texas, Austin School of Law)
4. Beyond Consent: Applying Alter Ego and Arbitration Doctrines to Bind Sovereign Parents , Timothy J. Tyler (Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw), Lee Kovarsky (New York University School of Law) & Rebecca K Stewart (Bechtel Corporation)
5. Extension of the Arbitration Clause to Non-Signatories under French Law , Pierre Mayer (Universite de Paris I)
Multiparty Arbitration: The Institutional Perspective
6. Multiparty Arbitration: The ICC International Court of Arbitration Perspective , Anne Marie Whitesell (formerly ICC Court of Arbitration)
7. Multiparty Arbitration: The LCIA Perspective , Adrian Winstanley (London Court of International Arbitration)
8. Consolidation of Arbitration Proceedings in the Netherlands: The Practice and Perspective of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute , Jan Willem Bitter (Netherlands Arbitration Institute)
Multiple Parties and Investment Arbitration
9. Multiple Claimants in Investment Arbitration: Shareholders and Other Stakeholders , R. Doak Bishop (King & Spalding)
10. Multiparty Investment Dispute Resolution: Who Are the Proper Parties? , Alexandra Koutoglidou (Aristotle University)
11. The Manifold Respondent: Multiparty Issues Involving States in Investor-State Arbitration , Vaughan Lowe (Oxford University)
Mass Claims and Classwide Arbitration
12. Arbitrating Mass Investor Claims: Lessons of International Claims Commissions , Veijo Heiskanen (Lalive)
13. The Administration of Class Action Arbitrations , Erich Tuchmann (American Arbitration Association)
14. Classwide Arbitration in California , Richard Chernick (JAMS)
Enforcement Issues
15. The Globalization of American Class Actions: International Enforcement of Class Action Arbitral Awards , Alexander Blumrosen (Bernard-Hertz-Bejot)
16. Complex Arbitration: Issues in Enforcement and Annulment Actions of Arbitral Awards under French Law , Dominique Hascher (Cour de Cassation, Paris)
Practical Solutions to Multiparty Problems
17. Multiparty Arbitration in the Construction Industry , John Marrin (Keating Chambers)
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