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FIDIC Contracts
– Law and practice
Författare:Baker Ellis
Titel:FIDIC Contracts – Law and practice
Omfång:583 sid.
Ämnesord:Förmögenhetsrätt , Fastighetsrätt

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The FIDIC Forms of Contract are used to provide a recognisable common basis of agreement where the project and the principal contract are international, and consist of a suite of contracts. This books covers the full range of FIDIC contracts, providing legal commentray, detailed clause-by-clause analysis, and relevant case law for each of the different forms.

Intended to provide a comprehensive reference for those using the FIDIC forms of contract in international construction and engineering projects, this book is suitable for lawers practising in international procurement and dispute resolution - but also for engineers, project managers, quality surveyors, architects, contractors and other users of the form.
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