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COE The cancellation of election results
Författare:Venice Commission
Titel:COE The cancellation of election results
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Electoral law, like all other fields of law, is effective only if it provides for sanctions. The cancellation of elections results, the most serious of sanctions, is in general linked to the most serious of irregularities, especially when its effects are felt beyond a small constituency. However, small technical
inaccuracies may affect election results if the difference in votes is minimal, as recent examples such as the notorious 2000 United States presidential elections have shown. This book aims to determine when electoral disputes should lead to such a consequence, based on the practice of national, constitutional and supreme courts throughout Europe, as well as on the practice of the European Court of Human Rights.

This publication contains the reports presented at the Seminar on Cancellation of Election Results, organised by the Venice Commission in co-operation with the Constitutional Court of Malta and the Maltese Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, on 14 and 15 November 2008.

- Introduction
- Electoral disputes
- Cancellation of election results - Lessons learned from election observation
- Justice coming face to face with electoral norms
- Electoral disputes and the ECHR: an overview
- Electoral disputes: an issue which falls into the jurisdiction of the constitutional court?
- Conclusions

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