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Between East and West: Essays in Honour of Ulf Franke
Författare:Hobér Kaj , Magnusson Annette , Öhrström Marie
Titel:Between East and West: Essays in Honour of Ulf Franke
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Friends and colleagues from all corners of the world have dedicated this publication to Mr. Ulf Franke in appreciation of his 35 years of service as Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC Institute). Mr. Franke’s expertise has been long recognized not only in Sweden but also in the international arbitration community. Throughout his inspiring career, Mr. Franke has used a solid knowledge of international arbitration in combination with an inexhaustible energy to build and develop the practice of institutional arbitration and the SCC Institute.

Between East and West: Essays in Honour of Ulf Franke contains 43 essays by leading members of the arbitration community. The contributions not only look back on how international arbitration has developed over the course of Mr. Franke’s career, but also discuss cutting-edge issues that directly affect the future of this field.


When—If Ever—Should Failure to Challenge an
Award before the Courts of the Seat Amount to a
Waiver of New York Convention Defences?
Frédéric Bachand

The Role of the Institution in Taming Electronic Disclosure
C. Mark Baker and Kinan H. Romman

Teaching International Arbitration in Law Faculties
Eric E. Bergsten

Some Reflections on Dispute Settlement in Air,
Space, and Telecommunication Law
Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel

Without Delay: Arbitrating in Six Months—
the German Approach for Expedited Proceedings
Jens Bredow

The Power and Effectiveness of Pre-arbitral Provisional Relief:
The SCC Emergency Arbitrator in Investor-State Disputes
Charles N. Brower, Ariel Meyerstein and Stephan W. Schill

Do Arbitration Rules Give the Tribunals Too
Much Freedom to Conduct International Arbitration
As They Think Fit?
Peter Scott Caldwell

Cross-Examination and International Arbitration
Bernardo M. Cremades and David J. A. Cairns

ICSID, UNCITRAL and SCC As Investment Fora
Hans Danelius

Towards a Unified Approach to the Law
Applicable to the Arbitration Agreement in
United States Courts
Donald Francis Donovan and David W. Rivkin

Institutional Commercial Arbitration from the Inside
Diana C. Droulers

Arbitration in Arab Countries
Abdel Hamid El Ahdab

Ulf Franke—Thirty-five Years and Afterwards
Johan Gernandt

Voluntary Solutions to Procedural Problems
Lars Göthlin and Mattias Bexelius

Pre-Dispute Waivers of Investment Treaty Arbitration:
A Practical Approach
Jeffrey Hertzfeld and Barton Legum

Are Parties Entitled to Agree on the Application of
the UNCITRAL Model Law in a Contract Providing
for Arbitration in Sweden?
Lars Heuman

Taking Evidence Abroad in International Arbitration
in the 21st Century
Martin Hunter and Andrey Panov

Determining the Parties’ True Choice of the Seat
of Arbitration and Lex Arbitri
Michael Hwang and Darius Chan

Is There a Code of Conduct for Party-appointed
Experts in International Arbitration?
Mark Kantor

Les Anciens et les Modernes in International Arbitration:
Looking Back and Looking Forward
Pierre A. Karrer

Enforcement of SCC Arbitral Awards in CIS Countries:
Reflections on Arbitration History
Vladimir Khvalei

Remarks on the Development of International
Commercial Arbitration in Modern Russia
Alexander S. Komarov

Corruption in International Investment Arbitration:
Jurisdiction and the Unclean Hands Doctrine
Richard Kreindler

Discretion Pursuant to Article V of the New York Convention
Gustaf Möller

Ulf Franke, Stockholm Arbitration, and the Bridge to China
Michael J. Moser

Negative Inferences: An Arbitral Tribunal’s Powers to
Draw Adverse Conclusions from a Party’s Failure to
Comply with the Tribunal’s Orders
Bo G.H. Nilsson

Reflection on What Is Special in an Arbitrator’s Life
Piotr Nowaczyk

Participation in the ICSID Convention
Antonio R. Parra

Security for Costs in Investment Arbitration
Jakob Ragnwaldh and Nils Eliasson

Challenging Arbitrators’ Fees Determined by
Arbitration Institutions
Jan Ramberg and Serge Lazareff

Incorporation and Passivity: Entering into Arbitration
Agreements under Swedish Law
Anders Reldén and Mattias Nilsson

Contractual Relations in Institutional Arbitration
Patrik Schöldström

The New SCC Emergency Arbitrator Rules
Patricia Shaughnessy

International Arbitration in Ukraine:
Yesterday, Today . . . Forever
Tatyana Slipachuk

The Parties’ Contract with the Arbitration Institution
Christer Söderlund

Enforcement of SCC Arbitration Awards in China
Jingzhou Tao

Arbitration Guidelines: Straitjacket or Compass?
Hans van Houtte

Users, Courts, Arbitral Institutions—And the Need for
Comparative Statistics
V.V. Veeder and Amy Sander

Improvement of the Civil Code of the Russian
Federation and Its Impact on Arbitration Practice
Nina Vilkova

Bringing Arbitration Closer to Company Management
and Boards: Can Arbitral Institutions Further
This Aspiration?
Carita Wallgren-Lindholm

What Can You Expect? The Role of Legitimate
Expectations in Investment Protection Disputes
Fred Wennerholm

The Impact of Document Production on the Efficiency
of Arbitration
Claes Zettermarck and Rikard Wikström

Procedural Aspects of the Activities of Institutional
Arbitration Bodies
Ivan S. Zykin



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