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International Commercial Arbitration in New York
Författare:Carter James H. , Fellas John
Titel:International Commercial Arbitration in New York
Omfång:724 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Ämnesord:Processrätt , Internationell rätt

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The editors are two well-respected arbitration experts, who have gathered together the authorities in the field to address the most important topics for a lawyer involved in commercial arbitration in New York.

This book is the first comprehensive, up-to-date source of vital information for commercial arbitration practitioners in New York, merging discussion of international commercial arbitration with the specific intricacies of the New York arbitral process and courts.

International Commercial Arbitration in New York provides an arbitrator with the necessary information and expert advice to help effectively pursue a case, being especially helpful to newcomers looking for an exclusive, insider look at the arbitral landscape of New York.

New York is a leading venue for international commercial arbitration, home to the headquarters for the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, the international branch of the American Arbitration Association, and many leaders in the international arbitration field.

New York also serves as the locus of several prominent arbitration firms' central offices.

International Commercial Arbitration in New York focuses on the distinctive aspects of international arbitration in New York. Serving as an essential strategic guide, this book allows practitioners to represent clients more effectively in cases where New York is implicated as either the place of arbitration or evidence or assets are located in New York. This collaborative work boasts contributors of pre-eminent stature in the arbitration field. Each chapter elucidates a vital topic, including the existing New York legal landscape, drafting considerations for clauses designating New York as the place of arbitration, and material and advice on selecting arbitrators.

The book also covers a series of topics at the intersection of arbitral process and the New York courts, including jurisdiction, enforcing arbitration agreements, and obtaining preliminary relief and discovery. Class action arbitration, challenging and enforcing arbitral awards, and biographical materials on New York-based international arbitrators is also included, making this a comprehensive, valuable resource for practitioners.

Readership: Lawyers who either find themselves or expect they might find themselves involved in international commercial arbitration in New York. Additionally, this book would be of interest to practitioners who conduct arbitrations elsewhere yet still require the assistance of New York courts, for example, to enforce an arbitral award or to obtain evidence for use in the arbitration.
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