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EU Energy Law - Volume 8
– The Energy Infrastructure Policy of the European Union
Författare:Vinois Jean-Arnold
Titel:EU Energy Law - Volume 8 – The Energy Infrastructure Policy of the European Union
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Infrastructures are the backbone of any economy and energy is vital to our way of life. Electricity transmission, gas and oil pipelines, smart grids, storage of energy and later on CO2 transport are essential elements of our present and future energy systems. The energy and climate policies conducted by the European Union since 2007 have led to the third energy package governing the internal electricity and gas markets, to the directive setting the target of 20% of renewable sources of energy by 2020, to the energy eciency directive and most recently to the regulation establishing the guidelines on trans-European energy infrastructures and to the new nancing programme called "Connecting Europe Facility". In ve years' time, national energy policies have been drastically reshaped by the EU directives and regulations, now based on Article 194 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It is now time to understand fully the importance of these regulatory changes and the resulting "europeanisation" of the energy policy.

Edited by:
Jean-Arnold Vinois
Acting Director, Internal Energy Market Directorate, DG ENER, EC

Written by:
Inge Bernaerts

Daniel Dobbeni
President, ENTSO-E
Stephan Kamphues
President of ENTSOG
Konstantin Staschus
Secretary General, ENTSO-E
Vittorio Musazzi
Director General of ENTSOG
Alberto Potoschnig
Director, ACER
Catharina Sikow-Magny
Dep. Head of Unit, Internal Market I: Networks & Regional Initiatives, DG ENER, EC
Monika Zsigri
Policy Coordinator, Internal Market I: Network & Regional Initiatives, DG ENER, EC
Milosz Momot
Policy Officer, DG ENER, EC
Jan Panek
Head of Unit, Internal Market III: Retail Markets; coal & oil, DG ENER, EC
Jean Verseille
Director System Development, RTE
Kai Tullius
Policy Officer, Renewables and CCS policy, DG ENER, EC

Highlights & Contents
- Discusses the infrastructure establishing the guidelines on trans- European infrastructure
- Connecting Europe Facility nancing program
- Focus on the importance of all regulatory changes in infrastructure
- The Ten Year Network Development Plan for Gas and Electricity
- Electricity highways
- An EU CO2 transport network
- Smartening the grids; towards an EU Action plan

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