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Forum shopping in the international commercial arbitration context
Författare:Ferrari Franco
Titel:Forum shopping in the international commercial arbitration context
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Forum Shopping in the International Commercial Arbitration
Context: Setting the Stage 1
Franco Ferrari

A U. S. Perspective on Forum Shopping, Ethical Obligations,
and International Commercial Arbitration 23
Aaron D. Simowitz

Forum Shopping and the Determination of the Place of Arbitration 53
Filip De Ly

Forum Shopping at the „Gateway“ to International
Commercial Arbitration 69
George A. Bermann

Anti-arbitration Injunctions and Anti-suit Injunctions: An
Anglo-European Perspective 131
Alexander Layton

Enforcing Orders Against Third Parties (and Parties) for
the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration 151
John Fellas

Interim Measures – Relevance of the Courts at the Place of
Arbitration and Other Places 199
Christopher Boog

Courts and the Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal: A
Comparative Analysis of Standards of Arbitrator Independence
and Impartiality 235
Robert H. Smit

Forum Shopping in International Arbitration – Forum Non Conveniens and Lack of Personal
Jurisdiction 253
Peter B. Rutledge

Setting Aside of Arbitral Awards and Forum Shopping in International Arbitration: Delocalization, Party Autonomy and National Courts in Post-Award Review 277
Loukas Mistelis

Forum Shopping and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral
Awards: Notes on Public Policy 297
Domenico Di Pietro

Forum-Shopping and Post-Award Judgments 313
Linda Silberman / Maxi Scherer

Making Remission and Other “Curative” Mechanisms
Part of the Forum Shopping Conversation – A View from the U. S. with Comparative Notes 347
Jack J. Coe Jr.

Enforcement after the Arbitration: From National Courts to Public International Law Fora 393
D. Brian King / Rahim Moloo
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